Electronic security systems for efficiently monitoring your premises

These installations make sure that you know when something happens. They allow you to take action faster and more effectively.

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Specialized in keeping your home and company safe since 1984

Intruder alarm systems

The most effective way to keep uninvited guests out.

Fire detection systems

Fire detection systems safe lives.

Access control systems

You decide who gets to enter a building or room.

Camera surveillance systems

Camera surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your property.


Spans Protection has been awarded the INCERT quality label, which ensures that our products and services are of the highest quality

Our electronic security systems

We install electronic security systems which monitor your premises as efficiently as possible:

  • A system for intruder detection ensures, for instance, that intruders are detected and you are warned. As a result the time the intruder has to do his misdeeds is greatly reduced… as is your damage.
  • Fire detectors will ensure that you are informed quickly of any fire outbreak in a building, so the damage will again be limited.
  • Camera surveillance confirms when there have been unwelcome visitors, and can perhaps help identify them.
  • Access control systems ensure that companies can handle the flow of people entering their premises.

Organisational and mechanical measures exist in order to discourage intruders, but they will not warn you if there is a serious problem in your home or on your professional premises NOW. Only electronic measures will be able to warn you effectively.

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